Stranded in NSW – Caravan Relocation needed May 2015


You may not have experienced the relief a person feels when help finally arrives and there is someone else to share the burden of being stranded away from home, with our broken tow vehicle and camper – but I sure do!

Can you believe it, rats had chewed through the rubber cooling pipe on the vehicle and it was game over for our RV holiday after we started to drive off down the highway – this is something that can happen to any of us, anywhere, anytime!

Neither does the insurance help by the way (“damage caused by animals chewing on vehicles” is in the “exclusions” on page 74 of the product disclosure statement) – Check it out!

We were stranded for 5 days with mechanical issues, waiting for parts, only then to be told as the final straw, that the vehicle had major engine trouble causing more headaches. What were we going to do now? Until we finally found Anthony at Caravan Relocation Services and asked if he could assist by bringing my family & our RV home, plus all our camping gear in our tow vehicle. Nothing was a problem so when he arrived a few hours later, I actually dropped my bundle and let him take over – I just wanted to get home safe and sound. Anthony was so obliging with no signs of panic & a very safe driver as well.

In short, RACQ, bless my roadside assistance, covered the car but not the van so enter Caravan Relocation Services – Yeah! This took a huge weight off my worrying mind and I guess that is why his slogan is – No stress – No fuss

They did it all, including working out how to use our brilliant Oz-Hitch coupling to his vehicle, and we arrived home safely. It was such a huge relief for our family when CRS towed our caravan into our driveway that night several hours later. Home Sweet Home!

My wife and I can highly recommend Caravan Relocation Services if you need help to come home with one easy phone call. They show empathy, are friendly, reliable, and easy to deal with. Thank you Caravan Relocation Services.

Paul S & Family

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