Caravan and Camping Show Gold Coast 2017

Have you just ordered a new caravan at the 2017 Gold Coast Caravan and Camping Show; lucky you

While you were strolling through the crowds at the Gold Coast Caravan Show I was busy helping other proud owners of amazing vans to move their pride and joy from one location to another; in one case relocating their van across Australia from Sydney to Perth.

This year I was unable to be at the Gold Coast mid-year Caravan and Camping Show; but I am always available to help move your new purchase to wherever you live; if you would rather someone else takes care of delivering your shiny new van for you. If you would like a Quote for moving your van to a new location; just fill out the Quote form with details and I’ll usually get back to you within a few hours.

If you would prefer to speak with me; you can always send me a short text message with your details (e.g. where you are located) to 0405 845 052 and I will call you back as soon as it is safe for me to call.

Caravan Towing Guide

Caravan Towing Guide

A new edition of the Caravan and Recreational Vehicle Towing Guide has just been released by the Caravan Camping and Touring Industry of NSW and is available for reading online or you can download it.

The guide provides a wealth of technical information, handy hints and advice, which will help you to tow your recreational vehicle with a greater degree of confidence and safety.

Here is the link to see Edition 7 of the Towing Guide.

After reading through this latest edition; if it all sounds too hard; please contact me for a quote to move your caravan. I have years of experience; especially with moving a caravan a long way from home on unfamiliar roads.

The Canberra Home & Leisure Show

Caravan Relocation Services (Anthony Thomas) will be in Canberra next week as an exhibitor at the Canberra Home & Leisure Caravan and 4WD Show. The show starts on Friday 23rd October and closes on Sunday 25th October 2015.

Feel free to drop around and talk to me about the relocation services we provide around Australia.
As well as this website we also have a Facebook page which I will try to update during the Canberra Home Show.

You can find us in the Coorong Building at Site 5.
The map below which shows where you can find us at the Caravan and 4WD Show.
Click the image to see the full size.


Canberra Home and Leisure Caravan and 4WD Show MAP

Stranded in NSW – Caravan Relocation needed May 2015


You may not have experienced the relief a person feels when help finally arrives and there is someone else to share the burden of being stranded away from home, with our broken tow vehicle and camper – but I sure do!

Can you believe it, rats had chewed through the rubber cooling pipe on the vehicle and it was game over for our RV holiday after we started to drive off down the highway – this is something that can happen to any of us, anywhere, anytime!

Neither does the insurance help by the way (“damage caused by animals chewing on vehicles” is in the “exclusions” on page 74 of the product disclosure statement) – Check it out!

We were stranded for 5 days with mechanical issues, waiting for parts, only then to be told as the final straw, that the vehicle had major engine trouble causing more headaches. What were we going to do now? Until we finally found Anthony at Caravan Relocation Services and asked if he could assist by bringing my family & our RV home, plus all our camping gear in our tow vehicle. Nothing was a problem so when he arrived a few hours later, I actually dropped my bundle and let him take over – I just wanted to get home safe and sound. Anthony was so obliging with no signs of panic & a very safe driver as well.

In short, RACQ, bless my roadside assistance, covered the car but not the van so enter Caravan Relocation Services – Yeah! This took a huge weight off my worrying mind and I guess that is why his slogan is – No stress – No fuss

They did it all, including working out how to use our brilliant Oz-Hitch coupling to his vehicle, and we arrived home safely. It was such a huge relief for our family when CRS towed our caravan into our driveway that night several hours later. Home Sweet Home!

My wife and I can highly recommend Caravan Relocation Services if you need help to come home with one easy phone call. They show empathy, are friendly, reliable, and easy to deal with. Thank you Caravan Relocation Services.

Paul S & Family


The 2015 Queensland Caravan Camping Supershow is scheduled to start on Wednesday 3rd June and runs through to Tuesday 9th June. This is going to be a huge display of  exhibitors with caravans, camper trailers, RV accessories plus of course CARAVAN RELOCATION SERVICES will be there at stand 508 in the Ekka Pavilion. Organizers have told CRS the show is a sell out with no more spaces for exhibitors. Don’t miss this year’s Supershow!

If you purchase a caravan at the show and want it relocated to your home address, whether it be intrastate or interstate please come along and ask Anthony for a comparison quote. CRS also has a Trade Plate so no vehicle permit is required to move your purchase or your need to register your caravan before I move it for you. All inclusive quote with a ‘door to door’ service. Happy to help you “Bring It Home!” Plus you are covered by CRS insurance whilst the RV is under my control. Peace of mind for my customers!

Since attending the same caravan show in June last year many happy customers have used my ‘HOLIDAY  SERVICES’ which is proving quite popular around Brisbane. As well as many customers have requested my towing services after buying a caravan. They either didn’t have the facility or suitable tow vehicle to take it home or with work commitments were unable to collect their purchase. My rates are competitive, my service is simple, reliable and friendly. I look forward to assisting you or meeting you at my display stand 508!

Find Caravan Relocation Services at Stand 508



Brisbane Caravan and Camping Show 2014

We are an exhibitor at the Brisbane Caravan Camping and Touring Show 2014, running June 4 – 10, 2014.

You can find us on the lower floor of the Royal International Convention Centre at site 504.
We are looking forward to meeting you and discussing relocating / moving your caravan.

Think of us as your mate to help with moving your caravan when you don’t have the spare time.
Getting it to the repair shop, or moving it across the country to a new holiday destination.

Below is an image showing where you can find us.

Find Caravan Relocation Services at the Brisbane Caravan and Camping Show 2014

RACV Caravan & Camping 2014 Show – Success

Well the RACV Caravan Camping & Touring 2014 Show is over & we are now back in the Sunshine State. I am sure all that attended this huge event had a great time and from all accounts it was a huge success for all, both exhibitors & all guests. Personally I would like to congratulate the organizers for a brilliantly run show. Our stand was on the second floor of the main pavilion and a first for me to attend. Some may say a Virgin? I was lucky enough to have some very special friends join us for the ride. Keith & Christine drove all the way south from Hervey Bay with their Olympic caravan to firstly tag along for the caravan journey south and then help my wife Janelle and I man the stand and talk to the casts of thousands. It was a lot of fun, we had many laughs travelling on the buses, and trains and using the Victorian public transport system with ‘MYKI’ – Special thanks to Keith & Christine for their valuable assistance.

Our journey south was as follows – We travelled on the first day from Redcliffe to Port Macquarie NSW & stayed the night at the Leisure Tourist Park. Second day we motored down through Sydney northern suburbs, across the M7 and then joined the Hume Highway. How great is this Highway? We managed a morning tea break at ‘Holbrook’  NSW where the submarine “HMAS OTWAY”  is on display. This was a fascinating Maritime Submarine  museum & we all enjoyed a nice cuppa, plus sweet treats from the local bakery. We drove on further south to Gundagai Tourist Park & enjoyed a restful nights sleep. On the third day we only travelled a short distance to Seymour just north of Melbourne. This overnight was at the Goulbourn River Tourist Park. It was a relief after the previous 2 days of long driving hours. The Top Tourist Parks we found to be very warm and inviting with their managers and staff, always full of advice and smiles.

However we were in for a surprise coming into Melbourne with all the instructions given to me by the ever helpful Mal, the Fiveways Caravan Park owner/manager. My navigator wife felt uneasy about where he was leading us with his instructions on how to avoid the traffic lights and congestion of Melbourne. So we changed tack & followed the Garmin Sat Nav. Guess what?? We ended up going right through the centre of Melbourne, with massive traffic jams plus what seemed like hundreds of traffic lights! Not much fun when towing a 30 foot caravan! We eventually arrived at the Fiveways Caravan Park at Dingley Village but this was after an urgent SOS call to Mal asking for help! On arrival we all enjoyed many laughs & of course few XXXX beers and wine for the ladies.

Being in the heart of ‘AFL Land’ we had to be careful not to mention the Broncos or the NRL!! LOL The six day caravan show was brilliant with the four of us having a great time, a new experience being first timers, plus meeting many Victorians, South Australians, a few Tasmanian’s, a few sand gropers, along with many New South Wales visitors. I can only say a huge thank you to all those that came to our stand, asking many questions & taking away our brochures on our various services. I feel the Holiday Relocation Services was up there with the most inquiries.  Families that are still working with limited time for holidays welcomed this new service that we have created. For instance families wishing to travel to Perth to explore the areas south towards the Margaret River, instead of spending days travelling across the Nullabor  (if you have children one has restraints with time travel & distance covered daily) so the option of having your RV delivered to Perth, sounds awesome to many. I meet you at the airport after your flight & you have all that time in the district you wish to see. Perfect solution! Several caravan & camper trailer owners also asked the question about doing the same but delivering their rigs to Darwin so they can spend their 3 weeks holiday in the areas like Kakadu and the Kimberley’s instead of spending days driving through the centre of Australia. Everyone thought it was a grand & simple idea! Send me an email when you want a quote to see if it is within your budget.

So that was it – the RACV Caravan and Camping Show for 2014. Next week I will cover our return journey north back home to sunny Queensland.

Thank you for reading my blog. The picture below is our stand 267 at the RACV caravan show with a special friend of mine Anne Peters who drove down from Yarrawonga to help us out. Thank you so much Anne, you have been such a real treasure.  Along with my other assistant Janelle my loving wife.

 The one phrase that did come out from the show with our ‘DRIVING YOU HOME’  theme mostly said by the females was – ” YOU NEVER KNOW” – how very true a statement! Those that have witnessed or been in similar situations are very aware of the stress this can cause. Travel safe and happy days to all.

Cheers and Regards Anthony

Our Stand 267 at the RACV Caravan Show

RACV Caravan Show Melbourne 2014

We are an exhibitor at the RACV Caravan Camping and Touring Super Show, running March 6 – 11, 2014.

You can find us on the second floor of the Grandstand Pavilion at site 267.
We are looking forward to meeting you and discussing relocating / moving your caravan.

Below is an image showing where we are.

Where to find Caravan Relocation Services

Sydney Katherine Delivered to site

Sydney to Katherine NT

Have just returned late last night from relocating a second hand Jayco caravan from Sydney to Katherine in Northern Territory!

A young family had purchased the caravan on Gum Tree & after finding me on Google Search they contacted CRS to quote on relocating their caravan north, but using my vehicle. They were happy & accepted my quote, so with a total kms of 7833 kms driving was in front of me so I set off on Friday the 8th November!

Sydney Katherine Delivered to siteIt was an awesome 12 day experience driving through the Outback of Australia. Dodging dead & alive kangaroos, emus, sheep, goats, cows, dead smashed wild pigs laying on the highway, plus some strange looking large birds right across north western Queensland & into the Northern Territory!! Also the largest Road Trains I have ever seen west of Mt Isa, with overall lengths of 53 metres – MASSIVE HUGE RIGS who demand more than their share of the bitumen!!

Delivered the caravan on Friday 15th, & after giving the van a wash down, clean plus hand over, I spent a night relaxing in readiness of the return 3200 odd kms drive home. Was taken out by the happy customers that Friday night for a meal as appreciation for a job well done & safe delivery. This was very much appreciated and a nice touch indeed. The two gorgeous daughters and young boy were an awesome friendly family unit with such wonderful manners.

I started the homeward journey early Saturday morning 16th, coming south via, Dunmarra, Matarankra, Renner Springs, 3 Ways Roadhouse, Barkly Roadhouse, Cammoweal, Mt Isa, Cloncurry, Kynuna, Winton, Longreach, Emerald & then south down via the Burnett Highway with Biloela, Monto & onto the Bruce Highway via Gympie. The road kill on this journey north of Longreach was mind blowing to say the least. Even many of the locals I spoke to commented on how much road kill was laying on the highways lately.

Bear Grylls from Man vs Wild show, would never go hungry along this route with choices like road kill kangaroo soup, road kill pork belly, road kill emu stew, what more could he wish for? The Toyota Land Cruiser went like a dream, my first outback lengthy journey with this baby and now I know why they call these vehicles “King of the Road”!! Outstanding & very comfortable with plenty of V8 diesel power! I look forward to the next adventure and relocation somewhere across Australia.

Great to be home again. Thanks for reading my page and post!!

Cheers for now, Anthony – my friends call me TT!!