Why I love my driving my V8 twin-turbo diesel

Before buying our V8 twin turbo diesel a couple of years ago, we owned a 6 cylinder intercool turbo diesel, a 2005 model for 7 years.  That was the last of that 6 cylinder model four wheel drive’s that came into Australia sadly.

Now don’t get me wrong that was one big awesome fourbie & we travelled over 120,000 kilometres in her, mainly on the bitumen. It had a five speed manual gearbox & our friends always commented on how good it looked in all white. One of my favourite sayings was “You don’t know what you’re missing till you drive a Nissan!?”

She towed our 3 ton, 9 metre long Majestic Knight caravan to many locations on the Eastern states of Oz. But when an opportunity came my way to upgrade & buy a “King of the Road”– well I jumped & grabbed that opportunity. How does my “King of the Road” stack up?

Being a V8 for one I thought it would be louder with all those diesel motor sounds that one hears. But no, this is whisper quiet on the highway & a joy to drive. Also having a 6 speed auto gearbox makes it a dream machine to drive. Plus it has cruise control, so easy to sit back & let the motor & gearbox work it all out.

The low fuel consumption is insane for a V8! Who would have thought that a V8 twin turbo 4.5 litre motor would surpass a 6 cylinder on my previous vehicle with fuel consumption.

I found the motor averaged 14.5 litres per 100 kilometres when towing caravans from Brisbane & Coffs Harbour. Driving with no load or towing it averaged 11.4 litres per 100 kilometres. Could not believe these figures so double checked & yes they were correct! Also the torque that this common rail motor has is simply amazing, like a freight train!

The Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series V8 diesel is a dream machine to drive with all the modern electrical & mechanical advantages over many other vehicles. I do love driving this fantastic motor vehicle & who would have thought that such a large diesel motor would be so quiet, yet so powerful and an absolute joy to drive. Even my wife enjoys driving this rather large fourbie & finds it easy to park and manoeuvre with reversing camera installed.

That’s why I love driving my Toyota Land Cruiser V8 “King of the Road”!  You won’t go wrong owning one of these trucks.

Until next time, hang loose, stay safe, and drive like you wanna live to a ripe old age & I wish you good health & happy days. Cheers from Anthony @ Caravan Relocation Services.

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